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Social Action/Tikkun Olam Community Bulletin Board

THIS PAGE IS UNDER DEVELOPMENT.  Send comments to Ted Schachter.
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We want to share Social Action Community  Service Ideas with the Etz Chayim Community. If you have something to add, please send it to the Arievut Committee.  Please include a start date and an end date. If there is no date, we will keep things up for 30 days.  



Volunteer Opportunity

Submitted by Shelly Fisher Fishkin (email to Areivut Committee)

Posted 6/28/2020

I don't know whether Etz Chayim ever shares worthwhile volunteering opportunities with congregants. If so, I though I'd encourage you to share this one. I just sent this info to some family and friends with the subject line, 'something to consider doing if you have a few hours to help with the Covid-19 crisis.'

I volunteered this week with “Get Us PPE” an organization created to help match sources of PPE donations with hospitals, senior facilities, clinics, etc. that need them.

They need more volunteers. The training took an hour on Sunday (they’ll do it at a time that works for you—its with a small group on zoom). Then you get lists of organizations to phone and a form to fill out with their needs. GetUsPPE then tries to fill their needs from the information you help them gather. A lot of your calls just end up reminding a clinic to return the survey they were sent to update their needs via email. And some say they don’t need any more PPE. But one person I called who’s in charge of 28 mobile COVID-19 testing units in Colorado had me report that they had a desperate need for 200 disposable gowns. So sometimes what you do can make a difference,

Anyway, the volunteer commitment they’re looking for is 5-6 hours. I did most of the calls I were assigned in about 4 hours yesterday. You need to call back numbers up to 4 times before giving up. I wanted to encourage you - if you have some time on your hands and a cell phone - to consider volunteering. You can volunteer at the second link below.

No obligation. Just thought I’d share this. Also, please feel free to share it with people you know and with any organization that could help them get volunteers.

For more information:

Volunteering link:

Shelley Fisher Fishkin


Food is my personal Tikkun Olam Project

Donation Opportuntity

Submitted by Lisa Alexander (email to Areivut Committee)

Posted 6/28/2020

These are a few ways I am involved in local efforts:

I buy a box of produce and other items from "Farm Fresh to You" which has reduced our family's trips to grocery stores. I always add a small donation that helps them to feed the community. I think there are many other services that also give back to our communities.

Community food support - several churches and at least one synagogue (Beth Jacob in Redwood City) are providing information about how to buy food for our families, support a local business, and help individuals as well as St. Anthony's food programs. Today we'll pick up our 3rd order. Ladle and Leaf has several locations, including a new one in East Palo Alto; most locations are in SF. They have had to close all but one of their retail eateries and they are keeping as many employees as possible working from a central kitchen. You can buy TP, masks, gloves, large bags of flour and packages of yeast, as well as soup, salads and sandwiches. Everything we've tried has been tasty and healthy - well, I have not tried their cookies! They can take orders as late as the night before. Here is an excerpt from their email:

Dear friends,

We are truly thankful for your support over the past 12 weeks. As we strive to re-invent ourselves during these uncertain times, we’ve been thinking of new products for the Neighborhood Pickup Program. We look forward to seeing you again this week on the Peninsula and in Mill Valley. . Want home delivery? We’re happy to deliver multiple orders (totaling $200 or more) to the same location.

(This was written by Steve Sarver. I have spoken to his co-owner & wife Jen about my orders.)

You can also donate to San Mateo Strong: You can choose to help individuals/families, small businesses, non-profits or wherever the need is greatest.    

Update: San Mateo County grants were awarded through San Mateo Strong/Silicon Valley Foundation. For details here is the link:

Lisa Alexander


Tzedakah Songs

Event Opportunity - July 29th

Submitted by Elan Music (email to Etz Chayim office), songleader at OFJCC

Posted 6/28/2020

On July 29th, Tzedakah songs is so excited to have Rena Branson, founder of a Queer Nigun Project, lead us in song. This event will benefit the Youth Art and Self Empowerment Project an organization that brings art and poetry classes to incarceterated youth.

Click here for more information about the July 29th event.

Here's some information about Elan:
Hi!! I'm elan, I'm the songleader for the OFJCC. I'm working on a project, Tzedakah Songs to raise money for organizations doing work around racial justice. Each week, a different songleader leads Jewish songs for Justice! The project is very new and I'm reaching out to shuls and organizations to cosponser and collaborate (not financially , just publicizing it to their membership). Since Etz Chayim is the singing congregation, it seems like the perfect fit!!!


Mon, July 13 2020 21 Tammuz 5780