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Scheduling an Event

Scheduling and Coordinating an Event at Etz Chayim

Guidelines for Etzniks

Date Selection & Calendars

First, pick your desired date, and then check the calendar at to see what else is happening at Etz Chayim on that date. In particular, notice which rooms are already reserved.

Second, to get your event on the Etz web calendar and reserve an open room, send an email to  Include

  • the name of your event

  • date, start time and end time

  • expected attendance

  • 1-3 sentences describing it

  • who is welcome (i.e., is it for everyone, or just for Etz members, or just for adults, or just for families with children of a certain age, etc.)

If this is a potluck or there is an admission charge, discuss setting this event up with the Executive Director


Once you send the email to with the necessary information, your event will automatically be included in the eBulletin.

It may also be included in the Shabbat bimah announcements.  If it’s important to you that your event be included in these announcements, please contact for consideration.  Only a few events will be announced each week.

If you would like to have an email sent out to the whole congregation (i.e., an Etz Alert), please contact  Please note that only events that are potentially of interest to the whole congregation are eligible for an Etz Alert and typically, no more than one Etz Alert will be sent out for any event.

If not eligible for an Etz Alert, consider sending your email to members you know would be interested, about a week before the event. You can find emails on the Etz app or the member roster that is downloadable from  The women’s, men’s, and people lists are also effective communication tools. 


Before your event, please make arrangements to borrow a building entry fob and key and be trained on using the alarm system (unless your event takes place during regular Etz programming).  If you are leading an ongoing program, you may be issued your own fob and key.

Day of Event

Plan to arrive 15 minutes early and set up the room that you will be using. After the event is over, be sure to straighten up the room. If you use the kitchen, be sure to return all dishes to their shelves and take home any leftover food. 

The leader of the event is responsible for refuse being deposited in the proper bins. Click here for a copy of our Garbage Guidelines.

If yours is the last event at the end of the day, you must close down and securely lock the building, per instructions from your training.

Thank you for your participation at Etz Chayim!

Tue, April 23 2024 15 Nisan 5784