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Capital Campaign

What is the Etz 3.0 Capital Campaign?

Our goal is to raise $4 million for improvements to our existing building and property that will usher in the next chapter for our congregation and community. As of July 2024, we have more than $3.8 million in gifts and pledges. Together we can bring this project to full realization. The first phase of the project, the new HVAC system, was covered in Connections a year ago. Now we are focused on the second phase of the campaign: revitalizing three key areas of the site that were identified through years of strategic planning and consultation with congregants.

When will the project start?
• We want to finish fundraising and start construction in August! It’s not much time and we need EVERYONE to join us and contribute to this phenomenal campaign!
• Construction will take a few months and we hope to finish before the rainy season starts. The staff and construction teams will try to minimize the impact on all activities in the synagogue during the work period. Please be patient and understanding during the construction. We will complete it as quickly as possible.

Why are we doing this campaign?
• Five years ago we identified that the HVAC was failing and the patio was uneven and not accessible. We did a listening campaign, followed by Strategic Planning, then surveys of the staff and congregants. Here is more detail on each of the areas: 

If you would like to learn more and contribute to the campaign, click on the links below:

Front Entrance and Patio

There are currently few places for people to gather that are not often being used for meetings, prayer, or classes. After the pandemic hit, people wanted to use the outdoor spaces more. The front exterior will get a face-lift and will provide more security and shelter. A slatted facade allows for light and visibility out, while providing shade and protection to those inside. A second set of reinforced glass doors adds another layer of security to the building. The new patio will be a place for parents to meet and bond while their kids are in religious school or tutoring, a place for community groups to have their sign-in and welcome, and a great welcoming experience for guests who come for the Purim ETZtravaganza and other Etz events.


The kitchen will be put back into working order, expanded and remodeled with a strong emphasis on usability and easy cleaning. The space will be
expanded in width due to moving storage closets in the Beyt Knesset, and expanded lengthwise thanks to the removal of the boiler. These improvements will greatly assist in Bar/t Mitzvah families running Onegs, Shorashim, doing more cooking-oriented programming, and rental groups catering their meetings and events.


A key part of this campaign, the new structure will be built just outside the Beyt Knesset. It is a flexible space that can have many uses. It will provide a covered, outdoor place for services, talks, events, parties, and casual get-togethers while still allowing those inside to enjoy still allowing those in the Beyt Knesset to enjoy the beautiful view of our garden. The patio will be graded and repaved, providing safe access to those with physical challenges.

Interior Improvements

The building overall will get new carpeting, improved lighting in specific rooms, and new accordion doors in the Library and Beyt. These changes will give the building interior a fresh feel, with minimal disruption and cost.

Contact the campaign co-chairs with questions at linnyb@pobox.com. The Campaign Co-Chairs are Steven Kornfeld, Evan Goer, and Linda Lyon.

Mon, July 15 2024 9 Tammuz 5784