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Etz Chayim is a congregation who loves to sing. We do not have a cantor or choir. Congregants "lead from their seats" by fully participating in the prayers and songs throughout the service.

Enjoy the melodies typically used in our Friday night services. Our members collaborated with Rabbi Emeritas Ari Cartun to create these recordings.  These tracks are taken from our CD, Sh'ma Koleinu. If you'd like a physical copy of this CD, drop by and pick one up.

Y’did Nefesh

Dodi Li

Kabbalat Shabbat Medley

Psalm 29 (Havu l’Ad0nay)

Kol haN’shamah

L’cha dodi (Peppy)

L’cha Dodi (Levandowsky)

L’cha Dodi (Carlebach)

Psalm 92 (Mizmor Shir)

Tzaddik ka Tamar (dance)


Ahavat Olam



And You Shall Love (Debbie Friedman)

Mi Chamocha

Ufros Aleynu


Hatzi Kaddish

Ad0nay s’fatay tiftach

Avot v’imahot


Oseh Shalom

Magein Avot

Yismuch b’Malchuta

Aleynu (1st Paragraph)

Aleynu (2nd Paragraph)

Let Us Adore (Jazz Version)


Shalom Aleychem

Shabbat Evening Kiddush




Fri, October 7 2022 12 Tishrei 5783