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Etz Chayim Social Action Email List

Etz Chayim Social Action Email List 

Join the Etz Chayim Action Group mailing list. 

The distribution list is for member-to-member conversation to:

  • Promote social justice

  • Build relationships with other like-minded individuals

  • Agree on core areas of interest

  • Discuss local opportunities to act

  • Attend rallies

  • Meet with government officials

The member-to-member conversations represent individual viewpoints and not the official Etz Chayim perspective. Individuals elect to become members of this group.

To join the mailing list, send a email to

Then watch your email for messages that ask you to join the group.  In the body of the email will be a button for you to click to join the group.  The message is from There will be either one or two messages depending on if you have a gmail account.  You do not need a gmail account to subscribe to the group.

If you have troubles joining contact Ted Schachter. or send an email to  

Thu, October 22 2020 4 Cheshvan 5781