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Food in Israel

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  • "How Much Per Kilo?" - This kitty stalked through the fruit just before Shabbat in a booth at the Carmel Market in Tel Aviv this past December. Cats wander everywhere in Tel Aviv and this cheeky feline decided that the place to sit was the scale! And no one chased him off. Jessica Bernhardt

  • Mobile Bakery - A man watches the children play while waiting to sell his variety of bakery products. His tricycle cart is parked near the playground in the park just outside the Old Train Station in Tel Aviv. Barbara Marcum

  • Challah Man - Vendor at the Machane Yehuda Shuk (market) in Jerusalem. Best place to buy Challah for your Kallah. David Rosen

  • Dome of the Spice - A Dome of the Rock model sits atop a beautiful mountain of spice ingredients in the Arab market in Jerusalem. The spice mixture Za'atar is often made with dried sumac berries and sesame seeds, arranged to catch the eye of passing shoppers. Barbara Marcum

  • Towering Spices - Giant cones of a red spice, probably paprika, attract the eye in the Machane Yehuda Market, also known as the Shuk, in Jerusalem. Spices in the Shuk make for colorful displays on the counters and in jars lining the shelves. Barbara Marcum

  • Street-Side Knafeh Vendor - In the middle of the Machaneh Yehudah Shuk (marketplace) in Jerusalem, one can fall in love with Israeli street food. This sweet, cheesy knafeh is very popular and cooked to order as you watch! Judith Sharon

  • Hava Nagila Halvah - When our family first happened upon this shop in Tel Aviv’s Sarona Market, I thought they were selling wheels of cheese. On closer inspection, it was actually different flavors of one of Israel’s favorite treats, Halvah! Ron Fried

  • Hydroponics in Tel Aviv - While attending a Tikkun Leyl Shavuot at BINA, a secular yeshiva located adjacent to the Tel Aviv Arboretum, Judith noticed this interesting hydroponics exhibit, and I photographed her admiring it. No flash was used, although this was well after sunset. David Findley

  • Druze Pita - After buying food at this booth, I asked a Druze woman making traditional pita in the back if I could take her photo. She agreed and continued, seeming to make her movements a bit more flamboyant. It was fun watching her and the pita was delicious! Barbara Marcum

  • Rafaeli Spice and Coffee Shop - Levinsky Street is a wonderful gourmet ghetto lined with unique bakeries, creameries, produce sellers, fish mongers, nut houses, makers and vendors, shops and stalls. The tastes and smells of Tel Aviv can all be found on Levinsky Street. Aaron Schuman

  • Honeycomb at Mt. Zion Hotel - Breakfast buffets at Israeli hotels are always fabulous. Here at the Mt. Zion Hotel near the Old City of Jerusalem, I admired the honeycomb overflowing with honey. We were surely in the "Land of Milk and Honey!" David Findlely

  • Calling All Olives! A visit to the Sarona Market in Tel Aviv is not only a feast for your taste buds, but for your eyes as well! This stand’s rows and rows of olives of every shape, type and size caught my eye, although the vendor seems less impressed, unless he’s calling for more olives! Ron Fried

  • Pomegranate Array, Tel Aviv - This geometric array of red circles arranged in a four-fold symmetrical pattern on a blue ground with yellow highlights needed to be taken home in a photographic image. Alan Kushnir

  • Fresh Fruit in Street Market - I was impressed with how the colors of the different fruits harmonized so creatively at this market in Jaffa. Alan Kushnir

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