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Hineini 7- Here I Am (7th grade)


Hineini, "Here I am" is a phrase that appears multiple times in the Torah. What does it mean for each of us to respond "Here I am, a Jew in the 21st century?"

21st Century Jewish Identity and Life
What is Prayer? Why Pray? Why do Jews Pray the Way We Do?  and Leading a Shabbat Morning Service
Holocaust-Rescue, Resistance, Resilience

As many students in 7th grade prepare to become Bar/t Mitzvah, our curriculum focuses on what it means to each one of us to be Jewish.  What are different ways that Jews pray?  What are different ways that Jews express their identities? What are the personal family and broader historical influences that inform our identities and the choices we make? We also explore issues presented by the Holocaust from a Jewish perspective.

Students in 7th grade continue in our Shivat Ha-Minim (Seven Species) Chavurah system, retaining the name and identity they received in 2nd grade. This communal identity travels with them throughout the two key middle school years of 7th and 8th grades.
Hineini 7 sessions take place on Wednesday evenings. Eating dinner together is part of the program.  Parent involvement in dinners is minimal; it includes each family taking responsiblity for ensuring that a vegetable side dish and dessert are provided two or three times during the year and that the kitchen is cleaned up after the dinner they have "sponsored."
7th grade meets from 6:15-8:30 pm on Wednesday nights.
Tuition: $1030 for members
Sun, April 11 2021 29 Nisan 5781