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High Holy Days - Members

All services will be virtual this year, except as shown. Because of the challenging nature of our current (Covid) situation, everything is subject to change. There may even be additions. Check here early and often.

High Holy Days Services and Events  
Memorial Leaf Dedication
Sun, Sept 13, 1:00 pm
Erev Rosh HaShanah
Fri, Sept 18, 7:30 pm
Rosh HaShanah
Sat, Sept 19, 10:00 am
Watch for further announcements
Rosh HaShanah family programming (ages 3 - 11 and their adults) Sun, Sept 20, 10:00 am
Rosh HaShanah Second Day Torah Study
Sun, Sept 20, 9:30 am
Rosh HaShanah Second Day Alternative Service
Sun, Sept 20, 11:00 am
Food Drive
Watch for further announcements
Yom Kippur family programming (ages 3 - 11 and their adults)
Sun, Sept 27, 10:00 am
Kol Nidre
Sun, Sept 27, 7:30 pm
Yom Kippur Mon, Sept 28, 10:00 am
Yizkor Mon, Sept 28, 1:00 pm
Yom Kippur Afternoon Speakers and Workshops Mon, Sept 28, 2:00, 3:15, 4:30
Minchah & Neilah (closing) Mon, Sept 28, 6:00 pm

BY AUGUST 13 – Submit the names of loved ones who've passed away during the past year or others whom you wish to have remembered. All names will be added to our Remembrance book, and the names of those who've passed away during the past year will be read at the Yizkor service on Yom Kippur.

BY AUGUST 13 – Part of the Yizkor prayer is a promise to perform the mitzvah of tzedakah in memory of your loved ones. You can fulfill that promise in advance by making a donation toward the publication of our Reflections / Remembrance book.

BY AUGUST 15 – Order a Memorial Grove leaf in memory of a loved one. There will be a (virtual) leaf dedication at 1:00 on Sunday, September 13.

BY AUGUST 23 – All members will be emailed a PDF copy of our prayer book, but paper copies will be delivered to our members' homes if
requested by the deadline.

BY AUGUST 30 - Register for family programming. Materials will be included in the bag of High Holy Days items being delivered to all members' homes if registered by the deadline.

BY AUGUST 31 - High Holy Days materials will be delivered to members' homes during the week before Erev Rosh HaShanah - paper copies of our prayer book (if requested), Reflections, a calendar, maybe materials if your children are signed up for High Holy Days Youth / Family programs, and maybe a special treat. If you want this delivery, you needn't do anything. If you don't want this delivery, want the items but would prefer to pick them up at Etz, or if you want them delivered but there is something our volunteers would need to know about delivering to you, click here by August 31.

BY SEPTEMBER 16 – Your friends and extended family are invited to “attend” our High Holy Days services, but in order to receive a PDF copy of our Machzor and a Zoom link to our services, they must register by the deadline. They can also request a paper machzor but only if they are registered by August 23, and it will need to be picked up from Etz. Feel free to register them or send them this link:

AS SOON AS POSSIBLE - It takes a village to produce our High Holy Days services. If you have some time to contribute, please volunteer to do so.

Still have questions? Contact our Executive Director, Ellen Bob.

Mon, August 10 2020 20 Av 5780