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Smartphone App FAQs

I've had Etz' smartphone app on my phone for years. What's the deal all of a sudden? Yes, we've had an app for a number of years, but the vendor went out of business, and that app is no longer functional. During July 2020, we got a new app. Check it out. Helpful hint - the old app and the new one look a lot alike. Delete the old app from your device(s) before installing the new one in order to avoid confusion.

I can’t find the emailed invitation I was sent. What do I do now? From the device you want to install the app on, click here to get the app for your iPhone or iPad. Click here to get the app for your Android device. Install the app and log in. Your username is your email address. Click Forgot my Password and follow the rest of the instructions. If you have any problems contact Megan.

Which devices can I install this app on? The app is designed to work on phones and tablets, such as your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. It was not designed to work on laptops or desktops.

What’s this app good for? The app allows folks to post and to like and comment on other’s posts, in a manner similar to Facebook or other social networks. It also allows you to see our member directory and have contact information for our members, and you can see our calendar. And it is the primary means for volunteers to find members for things like Mishloach Manot deliveries.

Whoa! Who can see the stuff in this app? This is a members-only app. We can’t prevent others from installing the app on their devices, but there are security measures in place such that they won’t be able to sign in. You are able to use the Forgot My Password function only because you've previously joined the app.

I have the app installed. How do I see these fancy posts I’ve been hearing about? Click on the Chat button (lower left corner of the screen) then Newsfeed (near the top of the display).

How do I use this app to contact other members? Click on the Members button (bottom of screen, second from left). Locate the person you are trying to contact, then click on their picture. Not just anywhere on the line that contains the picture – the actual picture. This will show you that person’s address, phone number, and email address. You can call them or send them an email by clicking on the relevant link.

I can see the calendar, but why don’t the events include Zoom links? The events are synched to our website calendar. While the app is restricted to members only, our website is not. We don’t want to put Zoom links on our website because of Zoom bombing issues.

I am getting so many emails and notifications. How do I make it stop? Go to your Profile (bottom of screen, rightmost button), then settings (the gear thing), then Notifications. Turn on and off at will. If you do this and you are still receiving too many emails, look for this line at the bottom of one of the emails, “Click here if you don't want to receive an email like this.” Do that.

I’m still having problems. What do I do now? The absolute best thing is from within the app, go to Profile, Settings (gear thing), Give Feedback. Type the issue, click Send. If you can’t do this for whatever reason, email Megan. Please include the device type (iPhone, etc) and operating system info (iOS 13.5.1, for example) in your email (we will receive this info automatically if you use the Give Feedback feature).

Can’t I just post my problem? Sure you can. It’s possible that one of our other members can help you. But please be aware that the app is meant for member-to-member communication and isn’t necessarily being monitored by the office. It would be helpful if you and your helper would take the discussion private.

What do I do if I think a post is inappropriate? Notify Megan. The post can be reviewed and taken down if necessary.

How does the app relate to Etz’ website? Except for events, it doesn’t. You have completely different login credentials. If you change your contact info in the app, please notify Megan so that we can also change it in our main database.

If I don't have a smartphone or choose not to get this app, will I be missing anything? You will be missing other members' awesome posts, but you won't be missing anything official. The app is meant to be a tool for member-to-member communication. There are no plans to change any of our official communication methods.

Can my group use the app to communicate amongst ourselves? Yes. Please let Megan know, and we’ll get this set up for you.

I don’t see the answer to my question here. What do I do? Same answer as all the others – contact Megan.

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