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Mishloach Manot 2020

With Purim just around the corner, we invite you to join the Etz Community in fulfilling the mitzvah of Mishloach Manot.

Each year, Etz Chayim delivers over 300 Mishloach Manot bags to our members and our larger community of teachers and staff. Each recipient gets a bag chock full of goodies, with an accompanying scroll that can include your name, if you have sponsored the delivery of that bag.

Mishloach Manot is a tradition dating from the Book of Esther. The tradition is intended to increase friendship among our community by countering Haman’s contention that Jews live in strife and disunity. A Mishloach Manot bag assures that your neighbors will have sweet food and drink for Purim.

By delivering a Mishloach Manot bag to each of our congregant families, we turn Haman into hamish (homey), and raise funds for both the hungry in our midst and for Etz Chayim. (Tradition includes food for the poor - 10% of funds after expenses will be sent to the Ecumenical Hunger Project.)

Sign up to sponsor Mishloach Manot for your friends, your class, or the entire community.

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Wed, April 8 2020 14 Nisan 5780